About Us

Celebrating Beauty Since 1998

Welcome to Highrangeflora, where the art of floristry meets the essence of moments. With a legacy spanning over two decades,

we have been a cornerstone of the floral industry since 1998, weaving timeless memories for our cherished patrons.

Our Journey

Nestled in the heart of Kerala, our journey began with a singular purpose - to disseminate joy and elation through the exquisite language of flowers. Over the years, we have bloomed into a celebrated brand, fostered by an unwavering dedication to quality and fortified by the trust of our loyal customers.

Crafting Perfection

At Highrangeflora, we don't merely arrange flowers; we sculpt them into magnificent masterpieces. Our team of skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each bouquet, boutonniere, car decoration, and floral arrangement, shaping them into perfect reflections of your vision and the love you wish to convey.

Why Choose Us?

Experience Meets Excellence

At Highrangeflora, we take immense pride in what distinguishes us. Our journey since 1998 stands as a testament to our unyielding commitment to excellence and our devotion to crafting moments that are truly unforgettable.

A World of Possibilities

Our expertise extends to a wide range of floral creations, tailored for every moment in life. Whether it's the breathtaking bridal bouquets that grace weddings, the vibrant arrangements that make birthdays extra special, the elegant floral decor that transforms receptions, the baptismal blooms that signify new beginnings, the heartfelt condolences expressed through funeral and memorial arrangements, or the simple yet meaningful casual giftings, we offer a diverse array of floral artistry for every occasion.

Extensive Experience

With over two decades of experience, we've mastered the art of floral design. This profound knowledge and expertise allow us to deliver floral creations that are unparalleled. Whether it's shaping the perfect bridal bouquet, a delicate boutonniere, or a vibrant bridesmaid's posy, our experience shines through in every petal.

Loyal Customer Base

Our success is measured by the loyalty of our patrons. We've had the privilege of serving countless families and individuals over the years, creating enduring memories that draw them back to us, time and time again. Our loyal customer base stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and service

World wide Reach

What truly distinguishes us is our ability to share our artistry with people across the globe. We offer worldwide delivery for our exquisite artificial flower arrangements, ensuring that love and beauty know no boundaries


At Highrangeflora, we believe in the magic of collaboration and the combined expertise of our team to make each occasion truly extraordinary. Together, we are devoted to crafting floral masterpieces that celebrate life's most significant moments
Meet the talented artisans and floral designers at Highrangeflora. Our team is a close-knit family of experts dedicated to creating floral masterpieces that evoke emotions and encapsulate the essence of your special moments.

Clients Testimonials

Had an amazing experience with High range flora team. I had only sent a couple of reference pictures but my wedding bouquet turned out to be even better than those. I got them delivered in time and my bridesmaid bouquets looked very cute too. 10 on 10 would recommend them

Geethu Mary


I had the dream bouquet for my wedding day from high range flora , I ordered it through online and i got the bouquet delivered on the same date as expected delivery date.

Greeshma Jemini


I got my beautiful wedding bouquet from HighRangeFlora. Absolutely great job by the team, I had sent a few sample pics of how I wanted it to be like and they did a stunning job. Wonderful experience. Thank you!

Alice Neha Paul


Best florist in Cochin they use unique flowers to make the bouquet. They have huge variety of succulents and fresh flower options. More than happy that I chose them for my wedding!

Nithya George